Tuesday, April 03, 2007

DGT updated with QF

The UEFA Champions League starts again tonight!
There're some great matches...

I added the schedule of the Quarter final in DG Tournament.

So, you can start betting now!

Good luck to everyone and may the best win ;-)


Kris said...

Hi Dimitri,
The other week I read an entry on Patrick Wolfe's blog about yahoo pipes and ever since I've found myself fascinated by what can be accomplished with xml, rss and more importantly how it can be integrated into Apex.

Anyway... Back to my suggestion. I thought that you may well be able to pull fixtures in as an RSS feed. This would save loads of time over manual entry.

Kristian Jones - Blog

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Kris,

Thanks for that. I did use webservices for the WC2006 app (the app before DGT). And indeed it works very nicely, but ...

I don't use it now as I can't rely on external services (are they always up?) and because DGT offers more then just the schedule. You can also bet on games, so I need to keep track of the matches in "my way".

But thanks for the suggestion, maybe I'll use it like I did before, to give more information about the matches ;-)