Monday, April 16, 2007

Collab07 - Day 0 - Registration and Welcome

There were some sessions of Oracle Education on Sunday, but I didn't follow them. It were 8h presentations and hands-on on specific topics.

In the morning I did my registration. I was lucky as there wasn't a queu to register yet. I also heard that there wouldn't come 6.000 people to this conference... but 7.000! It's not yet comparable to OOW, but it's getting nevertheless a big event.

We got a badge and a bag with some papers (schedules and ads) in. As a speaker I also got a special blue/white t-shirt.

I also searched for the "Speakers Ready Room", a room where all speakers can (need to) go to, to test the beamer (and connection with laptop) and sign up for presence. It's my first time as a speaker on a conference, so it's all a bit new to me. I also met some other speakers, had a chat with some of them and walked around to get to know the locations of the different rooms. The Mandalay Bay hotel is so big! The Collaborate event covers two floors with rooms and an exhibition hall.

In the late afternoon I had two sessions for speakers. One because I'm new: some tips and techniques to present, the other one with some practical info.

If you're new into presenting here were some tips they gave:

  • speak slowly and clear
  • repeat the question (as some others may not have heard it)
  • tell the audience what your session will give back for their time
  • relax
  • ...
  • and Have Fun!
After these sessions there was a special SIG drink. Every SIG had 5 minutes to present themselves. Steve Howard, President of the APEX SIG, spoke for our SIG.

In the evenings there were some other welcome receptions with food and drinks... I didn't stay that long as I became tired. So that ended my Sunday.

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