Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bye Bye Las Vegas

After a great week with a lot of highlights, I'm heading back to Belgium.

I like being at Oracle conferences; I like to learn (following sessions), meeting and talking to other Oracle lovers, seeing another part of the world, ...
But this conference was extra special for me, as I did my first presentation at such a big event. I have already been in the APEX round table panel at Oracle Open World, but presenting alone is different. I must say I really enjoyed it, one of the highlights in my life. At this conference I also participated in three other sessions: the APEX SIG meeting, the round table conversation and the APEX hands-on lab.

Las Vegas is also special; it's all very impressive, but for me it was sometimes a bit too much. Living in casino's is nice for a week, but you don't see a lot of sunlight, these casino's are all connected and finding an exit isn't that easy ;-)
Of course you can also go to the pool or walk down the strip, but last week the weather wasn't that good to really enjoy it. I definitely want to go back at a time, but not yet in the coming years.

Next year, Collaborate 08 will be in Denver. I've never been there, so I look forward to see that place, but first Daytona Beach!

Thank you Collaborate 07 and Las Vegas! I found it a really interesting and great experience.

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Bill Ferguson said...

Hey, next year's Collaborate is in Denver???

That's great! That's one event I'll be able to make it to.