Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The OTN (APEX) Forum

I decided to start posting in the forums more often again. As I didn't want to loose all my posts for the "X-ed" time, I created a new login with an email I'll normally never loose (my Apex Evangelists one).

Did you know you can't change your email address in the OTN forums? Maybe that's not a real problem, as you can still login into the forums, even when you don't have the email address anymore. The only thing you lose is getting a message when somebody replies to your thread. But even for that a workaround is available (watch user). Nevertheless, I decided to start from scratch, as I found it more clean.

I searched for my other logins and decided to put them in this post, for myself and for others, if they would be interested in my earlier posts:

Jan 10, 2001
: My first (?I thought of having another account from the year 2000, but couldn't find it?) login in the OTN Forums, at that time I was working at Oracle as a consultant. I posted 33 messages with the user dgielis.
Oct 1, 2003: My first APEX question in the forums, at that time I used HTML DB 1.4 on an 9iR2 DB.
Feb 14, 2005: My second user dgielis_ in the OTN forums. I posted 78 messages with this user.
Nov 13, 2006: My third user dgielis__ in the OTN forums. I posted 17 messages with this user.
April 21, 2007: My (hopefully) last user in the OTN forums: Dimitri Gielis@AE

With the APEX SIG we talked about mining the forum... To get it started, I'll try to do every week a post with the funniest/most interesting topics of the APEX forum in which I participated.


Nicolas Gasparotto said...

>>Did you know you can't change your email address in the OTN forums?
Now you can. Please read this thread from OTN team member :

JochenVdV said...

How is the quality of the APEX forum? I participated in the SQL-PL/SQL forum for a while, but the questions were often so depressing I just quit. Here's an example. I know it's an extreme case, but there's a lot of them that aren't much better.

Nicolas Gasparotto said...

JochenVdV, we cannot avoid such thread on any forum, isn't it ?

JochenVdV said...

True, but maybe (stronger) moderation or clearly stipulating posting rules and imposing them could prevent such threads from derailing. But I'm hacking Dimi's post here... If you'd like, you can always contact me by mail.

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Nicolas,

Thank you so much for this comment.

Jochen, I understand your frustration about some questions. The only thing I can say, we were all young and inexperienced ;-)


Anshuman said...

Suppose i have a page as JSFF. In this page i have a column as JSFF_VO. I have added a column link to JSFF_VO with P8_VIEW_OBJECT so that it opens a new page in the same application. In the new page query i have given as ( select VO_ID,VO_CODE,VO_FILE from OFSLL_VIEW_OBJECTS where VO_CODE IN (:P8_VIEW_OBJECT) ).

When the value of JSFF_VO is a single value as UdtPttImgDirVO , then it works perfectly fine and opens only that particular VO in the next page. But if i have multiple values in JSFF_VO column as UlnImgAddVO,UdtImgAddVO , The it shows only the first value.

My requirement is that it should show me the values for both the VO's.

How can it be done ?

Dimitri Gielis said...

This would be an excellent question for on the OTN Forum :)

AK said...


I am using apex 5 to create an application and want to send an email notification when user clicks on a submit button.

I tried to configure the email setting as per the user guide document, but I could not complete the set up as I do not have admin access in the trial version.

Can you please advice how do I achieve sending email in the trial version?

Unknown said...

Im not sure if this is possible or not in Oracle Apex. Essentially what we have is a textbox field on the opportunity form where folks can put in some free form notes about the opp. I'm looking to see if there is a way to have the current date populate into the text field when the user clicks into the field to add some notes.