Monday, June 30, 2008

New OTN Forums - not great yet

This weekend the OTN Forums got updated.

The forums went down for some time and when they finally got up again I got a lot of errors.
I cleared the cache of my browser and that helped at first sight, but after a while the problems were back again. Although there are some new features (tag, rich editor, new icons, ...), I wonder if it really needs to be like that.

For me a forum needs to be fast, reliable and searchable, but that's absolutely not the case! It's down a lot and it's even slower than before. I guess it's because they just released this version.

Some other people already blogged about it too:
- Dietrich Schroff (with some nice screenshots)
- Amardeep Sidhu
- Paulo Vale
- Asif Momen


Anonymous said...

they shud use rby on rails.

APEX sucks! it cant scale, like u said in ur presentation

Dimitri Gielis said...

I just don't understand why you keep posting comments on my blog.

I tried to ask you polite to stop posting things that don't make sense, I deleted some comments that "rby rocks", but it never stops.

I like that everybody can put his thoughts on my blog and I don't have problems if they are different than mine, but your posts don't make sense and are very annoying.

So please, start your own blog, you can do whatever you want there. If you think Ruby rocks, great for you, stick with it and help others to give them the same feeling. I try to do that for APEX...

I would also appreciate if you write in full English and not in "spoken" language. For ex. Shud = should and u = you, ur = your.

Doing these posts as "anonymous" and saying things that are not true (I never said APEX can't scale) is really annoying. You're clearly a Ruby fan, why don't you use your own name?

Nevertheless, I think APEX rocks and it scales really *really* well.


Anonymous said...

y r u so defansive?

All i say is Rby is cool and u attack me.

r u not open to other thangs being batter than apax?

Dimitri Gielis said...

I don't attack you... you can say once that Ruby is cool or twice, but not putting a comment on every post I do saying that.

And the worst thing of all, you don't even say your name, you don't say anything why it's cool...

Paulo Vale said...

Hi Dimitri,

You should apply a filter on you blog's comments. Something like... NOT in ('Rby', 'Ruby') :) :) :)

I had lot of spam messages on my blog, so I decided to go for pre-approval. Maybe you should try it for a while.


Rutger said...

Hey Dimitri,

Don't let this get under your skin, because it's just a childish act. Ignoring is the best remedy I think.
The people reading the comments of this great blog, filter these posts out anyway! I know I am!


Anonymous said...

my nam is Saim.

I don kno y u mock me, jus caze english is not me.

i try hard to rite englash, but u are offendd by me

u r a tough man mr domitro

Anonymous said...


I know it's a fine line to walk between open discussion and moderating trolls, but IMHO you can delete this troll's comments and don't think about him again. He adds no value to your blog and only serves to detract from a great source of information.

Maybe you should think about turning off anonymous comments?

Sidhu said...

We are busy in blogging here and forums already got their old look back :D

BTW about this poster i second Tylor. Just disable anonymous comments...

Louis-Guillaume said...

I lost the post I made during the weekend (saturday evening)!

SydOracle said...

Can't help feeding the troll, but the Oracle forums are a third party product called Jive, which are apparently Java based.

Anonymous said...

mr meers

u do nt feed me

I say Rby Rox!!!!!! I did noot say Java Rox!!!!!!

Rby Rox!!!!!! Day shud use Rby not Apaz

Dan McGhan said...


I'm upset because the grease monkey signature trick doesn't work anymore! I'm going to have to see if there's a way to get it working with the new system.

Oddly enough, I just went back to the forum and it seems to have been changed back to the old system. Strange...


Don Burleson said...

>> it cant scale


Apex can support hundreds of concurrent users and thousands of screens, it;s all right here:

mike said...

i fucking hate apex tooooooooooooooooo